Wellgrow Glass Industry Co., Ltd. (WGI) is a Thai independent glass manufacturer who focuses on producing high quality glass bottles with value-added service. WGI is located on 40 acres of land in Chacheongsao Province about 50 km east from

Bangkok With more than 30-year experience in production of quality glass container, WGI is serious in reaching customer’s quality level and satisfaction. Good customer service is considered as one of our important objectives.




WGI possesses many world standard technologies in glass making. With several technical partners in European countries, we can continuously develop our glass making technique, machinery, and quality control. State of the art machines are employed in all of our nine production lines which are both reliable and efficient.

With the glass coloration technology, we are capable of making COLOR GLASS such as green, red, blue, yellow, etc. as customer request with lower quantity requirement for premium and cosmetic products. Some of our color glass can be the UVA color.

Because of social awareness and environmental responsibility to the community, we use low emission natural gas as main fuel for our melting furnace in order to be aligned with a new green environmental regulation.