Wellgrow Glass Industry Company Limited was established on 8 October 1984 with a registered.
capital of 100 million baht in the name of Chirasit ruam toon Company Limited. And changed the name to Wellgrow Glass Company Industry Co., Ltd. On 7 March 2003
In year 2000.The company has moved its head office and production factory to be located at 36 Moo 2, Pimpa , Bang Pakong , Chachoengsao.
About 40 kilometers away from Bangkok on an area of ​​75 rai 2 ngan 79 square wah. Construction and machinery installation in 2001 was completed and can be manufactured on December 10, 2002.


Wellgrow Glass

2001 : start no.1 furnace with capacity of 40 Ton / day with its 5 production lines

Wellgrow Glass

WellgrowGlass expanded the operation by constructing the second factory building, the area of ​​8,208 square meters, and completed on 8 August 2008.

Wellgrow Glass

2015: Started  construction of furnace 3 with a capacity of 120 tons / day with 4 fully automated production lines.


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